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The Yahoo France site bars Nazi relics, but French surfers can still engage in auctions on other Yahoo sites, where people exchange items ranging from anti-Semitic speeches to SS war mementos.

Help for Yahoo Postmaster Learn how to sign up, edit, or stop reports for the Yahoo CFL program. Help for New Mail for Desktop Learn how to send and receive email, restore messages and contacts, set up IMAP, access your Yahoo Mail account, and fix spam problems. Yahoo! Mobile Sign-In Just Got Much Easier | Facebook;_ylt=AtI46q.M_jXQ2vBSmsjhpB.gwsEF?.src=ygrp&.intl=uk&.lang=en-GB&.done=%doneUrl%

Replying to emails in Yahoo! Mail. Share. Mail. Open the message by selecting it in your Inbox. Press R. Alternatively, you can select Reply in Yahoo!

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